Inter Nordic Transport (Part of ISA Group)

Inter Nordic Transport (Part of ISA Group)

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Global coverage – insurance available if required

24 hour Biocair contact

– Full on-site packing service (where available)
– Validated packaging and temperature monitoring/control for all shipments (inc. frozen and refrigerated) in all countries
– Most materials accepted under dangerous goods transportation regulations inc. perishable, hazardous, radioactive
– All documentation and labelling provided and completed
– Full classification of materials completed under dangerous goods transportation regulations
– Most efficient global transport routes from collection to delivery point
– Online booking, tracking & tracing
– Materials cleared with minimum delay through our experience of dealing with customs and regulatory bodies
– Permit identified and obtained for shipping of sensitive or regulated material
– Management reports


Biocair’s logistics services

Bespoke: Totally bespoke service with every aspect designed to meet yours specific requirements

Designed to meet highly specific requirements, our Bespoke services make use of our expertise and capabilities that cover circumstances such as laboratory moves, heavyweight (no lower / upper limit in weight / value), hard-to-reach locations, special packaging, air charter, hand-carry and sea-freight.

Designed to move consignments within a single country, this is primarily but not exclusively based upon road transportation.

– Same-day or next-day service
– ADR / IATA / DG trained drivers

A comprehensive door-to-door service for all types of material shipped to and from any location in the world.

– Shippers responsibility’ accepted for dangerous goods, reducing customer’s liability
– Assistance with licensing applications to Governments Authorities

Biocair Scandinavia is an Inter Nordic Transport AB company under Biocair UK

About Biocair:

Biocair began in 1987 as a specialist courier and logistics provider dedicated to serving the unique requirements of the Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries.

Over the last 23 years, we have established ourselves as a leading independent specialist courier operating in this sector. We provide services and support to a wide variety of organisations across the whole spectrum from large multi-national pharmaceuticals that operate globally to the smallest incubator operation or individual research scientists.

By focusing on the precise needs of these demanding sectors and utilising our extensive understanding of the research process and science more generally, we have developed our range of services to ease the process of discovery and aid the development of leading edge, novel therapies. From discovery through Clinical trials to the distribution of approved product to market, Biocair can offer the highest levels of service and leading edge solutions for any set of individual circumstances.

We have expanded into key locations across the globe, with Regional Centres of Excellence in Cambridge (UK), Boston, Philadelphia, Raleigh, San Diego and San Francisco in the USA; Shanghai in China, and Osaka in Japan, we provide business critical services to customers in every major location across the globe.

We support each of our Centres of Excellence with a network of carefully selected and managed service partners, many of whom we have worked with for more than 15 years. This structure has enabled us to deliver highly flexible, market leading and competitive service solutions to our customers across the globe for the last 23 years.

Inter Nordic Transport Malmö
Derbyvägen 20
SE-211 35 Malmö
Tel: +46 40 685 0540

Inter Nordic Transport Göteborg
Aminogatan 34
SE-431 53, Mölndal
Tel: +46 40 685 0540

Inter Nordic Transport Denmark West
Axel Gruhns Vej 10
DK-8270 Højbjerg
Tel: +45 88 61 86 66

Inter-Scan Sea & Air A/S – group HQ
Kirstinehøj 8
DK-2770 Kastrup
Tel: +45 32 51 60 22